How Rational Thinking Can Help People Achieve Their Financial Goals


Many people are prone to a thinking pattern described as “magical thinking” says financial advisor and founder of VTA Publications, Jim Hunt. What is “magical thinking?” Quite simply, it is when you think that good events will happen in your life and that you will somehow, someway achieve your goals. While it may sound like optimism, in the financial sense it can be a recipe for disaster.


When you think of things that may happen such as winning the lottery or landing a new high paying job instead of the actual things you can do and how much money you actually earn you are harming your chances of achieving your financial goals. Thinking rationally and not magically is the key to achieving a retirement that you want or having enough money saved up to buy a new home, car or take that special trip you have always wanted. When you think rationally about your money, you realize that you need to save and put aside money every month to achieve a goal. You won’t be thinking of hypothetical situations such as winning the lottery. Rational thinking leads to smart choices and sound financial decisions, says Jim Hunt.

Moving away from magical thinking can be tough. It can be a habit that has been with us our entire lives. Thinking rationally involves taking charge of your finances and viewing your financial situation as it really is and not how you would like it to be. Speaking to financial experts such as Mr. Hunt can help you take charge of your retirement planning, saving money for a down payment on a home or putting money aside for college for a child.  There are articles on VTA Publications’ website that are designed to help people adapt to this new way of thinking.


It was founded by financial investor Jim Hunt and is located in Kings Lynn, Norfolk County, England. Courses on how to trade successfully in the stock market using stock charts and secrets of trading options are offered through VTA Publications. The company also organizes speeches and events about finance, investments and economics.

The Madison Street Capital’s Achievements

The M&A Advisor gave consideration to Madison Street Capital to be among the finalized that for its award; the Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The high quality of services to its clients has Madison Street Capital come to recognition by respected firms. The award is to appreciate the outstanding performance of enterprises in the financial industry. The best companies get celebrated for their professionalism and achievements. Madison Street Capital had the privilege to be nominated in both the Industrial deal of the year.

The nomination of the Madison Street Capital is due to its contribution in facilitating the acquisition of other enterprises. The CEO of Madison Street Capital expressed his joy of connecting clients to businesses the effort, which has lead to their recognition. One of the landmark duties that they performed was the cross-border transaction of acquitting Acuna &Asociados S.A by Dowco, the transaction that was a complex one according to Karl D’Cunha a senior managing director at Madison Street Capital. The 9th of November is the day to wait for when the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards winner is to be made known to public.

M&A advisors primary duty is to recognize outstanding performance and to honor significant achievements and also to oversee the connections among the professionals who are in the lead in deal making. M&A Advisor Award is just one of the many units of M&A, and as its objectives state that it revolves around awarding the best deals, professionals, and firms.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm which operates both locally and internationally. The company is to give financial advisory services, acquisition and merger expertise, evaluating private and public businesses and providing economic opinions to its clients. The purpose of these services is to make client successful in the global market. In each project that Madison Street Capital takes up, they position themselves in the place of the customer and to make the objectives and goals of the clients to be theirs.

The emerging markets are considered as by the Madison Street Capital as a major component that can contribute positively to the growth of clients in the global scene. This firm has a great trust with customers from all over the world due to their constant and high professionalism in rendering their services. Apart from being dominant in the global scene Madison Street Capital also has an interest in the local businesses in the United States. A good example of its local clients is the United Way Disaster Relief Efforts which has significantly benefited from it. This article can be found on here

Delivering the Best Healthcare

Every professional requires a job that he/she seeks to perfect their skills. Medical professionals are not different. HCRC Staffing agency is a company run by Brian Torchin.

HCRC’s objective is to make sure that every medical professional seeking a job is fully attended to and satisfied. HCRC provides every step needed for a nurse, doctor and technician, all the way up to the job they desire. This will also make the clients peaceful and happy.

It has become a habit of many medical professionals to change jobs to find what they need. Furthermore, these jobs may not cater for their needs for a long time and these results in them losing their jobs.

Therefore HCRC provides job counseling to assist these professionals to get what they are looking for. Many people obviously want their health diagnosed, therefore health jobs are all over the country. HCRC ensures medical professional are instantly placed on these healthcare jobs.

Brian Torchin and his company make sure that their staff gets certified or approved by an employee of HCRC before embarking on the jobs assigned to them. This verification satisfies every client because they believe they are in good hands.

HCRC caters for all employees even those with a valid reason as to why they haven’t met the required qualification. The staffing agency works side by side with the medical professionals to allow them to acquire the requirements needed.

Brian Torchin graduated from the University of Delaware with a bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. He is the founder and CEO of HCRC Staffing agency.

Working as a medical practitioner for years in chiropractic medicine, Brian Torchin realized that there is a scarcity of medical jobs.

Brian Torchin and his staff team up to help different patients suffering from car cash depression, joints and shoulder wounds.

Brad Reifler: 21st Century Michelangelo Man


Professional advice from Brad Reifler has proved to be a precious commodity for many of his successful investment clients. The high-profile media house, Yahoo Finance, put out an article about the celebrated Founder and CEO of the very successful firm, Forefront Capital. No wonder so many smart people who are interested in really learning to become successful investors turn to Brad Reifler.


After the movie, The Money Monster, came out, Reifler did an article for PR Newswire about how very real the movie has proved to be. Brad Reifler is quick to point out most of the Wall Street investment horror stories are happening to people who have never treated the stock market or any other equities as anything other than random gambling. They do not do the homework and due diligence, therefore they utterly fail.


Brad Reifler helps his clients reduce exposure to losses. He teaches them the ins and outs and pitfalls to be aware of. Then he goes the extra mile and further teaches them strategies to turn limitations into positive investment returns. He founded Forefront Capital to serve the investing masses, not the precious 1 percent-er snobs! He has innovated with new ways to help the average Joe to make investments that traditionally are only available to the super rich and mostly-apathetic stratospheric investors. Some of what he is fighting is against outdated and unnecessary government controls that prevent the little investors from benefiting like the giant ones do.


He says to never keep all your investment nest eggs in one basket; one stock or other equities deal. He emphasizes that when you hire people to support your investing transactions, make sure you pick a fund manager that you know you can trust. If you keep your eye on your particular set of goals and other objectives, both for yourself and your company, and you will find successful returns.  Check out some of Brad’s very informative articles on Huffington Post, where he recently became a contributor.