Emergency Gold Conference Hosted By Former U.S. Mint Director Philip Diehl In Texas

An emergency invitation-only gold conference will be in session the week of July 11, 2017, to discuss the current state of both domestic and international issues affecting the precious metal markets.

Some topics of discussion that U.S. Money Reserve President, Philip Diehl, will be discussing include unsteady world leaders, the debt crisis, cyber attacks, worldwide terrorism, and why owning gold is ideal for all citizens. Diehl’s mission is to ensure all citizens are informed about how worldwide events impact the value of precious metals.

Through the Gold Report, Diehl will be revealing the top reasons he believes that citizens should buy gold and other precious metals. He will be speaking about the wealth insurance that gold provides and how this purchase can protect consumers against volatility in the marketplace. U.S. Money Reserve, also known as America’s Gold Authority, will be educating the masses at this conference that will be held at an undisclosed location in the Austin, Texas area.

Consumers put their trust behind U.S. Money Reserve and Diehl due to his extensive knowledge of precious metals and their markets. Diehl was a former U.S. Mint Director.

He’s considered a very credible source when it comes to understanding precious metals, which is why he has been featured on places like CNN, Forbes, CNBC, and the Washington Post.

Being a former U.S. Mint Director, Diehl has worked with clients all over the globe to provide the best precious metals to help consumers diversify their assets. Based out of Austin, Texas, U.S. Money Reserve has a high-skilled team of coin researchers and numismatic experts that work regularly to secure precious metals worldwide that consumers want to buy for their wealth portfolio. The most popular products are gold and silver coins from the United States. Read more: U.S Money Reserve – Built in Austin

U.S. Money Reserve is currently one of the nation’s largest distributors of government-issued coinage. They specialize in gold, silver, and platinum precious metals. Equipped with a high level of customer service, this company is a market leader with over 400,000 happy clients. When it comes to buying gold, there’s only one name to trust and it’s U.S. Money Reserve.

US Money Reserve New Site

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US Money Reserve

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the company is looking for ways to serve customers better. Not only are they making investments into their site, but they are also trying to add value to customers in other ways as well. They want to make sure that everyone who wants to learn about their finances can do so. For some, investing is a complicated subject that they have trouble understanding. For others, now is the time to start thinking of ways to add value to their life in the future. US Money Reserve is a great company to work with, and they are always ready and willing to try and make things work for their customers. This is one of the biggest reasons why the company has invested so much time and money into their new site.

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