How End Citizens United is Remodeling Washington’s Political Scene

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was founded by Tiffany Muller, president and executive director at the PAC, with one goal: to bring about campaign finance reform. Muller and the team at End Citizens United have been focused on driving out the problem of big money in politics for a long time and it seems like they are finally gaining some serious ground in their fight to make this happen. Dark money in politics has been a plague that has slowly been consuming and destroying the American political process yet most people are not even aware that it is a problem.


When Citizens United lobbied the Supreme Court for looser campaign financing restrictions the U.S. government was set on a different path. Now billionaire special interests control most major right wing politicians and some on the left wing as well. Big money has single-handedly taken voice away from the American people. Constituents are no longer respected and instead it is all about the dollar sign. Muller says that Democrats are beyond furious about President Trump and independents are as well. This has caused a rise in support for End Citizens United and that in turn has made it once again possible to fight against big money in politics.


End Citizens United wants to make their name a reality but in order for that to happen there has to be change from the top level and down and that will cost money. Fortunately, End Citizens United has already made more than $4 million of their $35 million goal ahead of the 2018 election cycle. End Citizens United saw a surge in donors in the first quarter of 2017 when nearly 100,000 people gave money to the PAC. Most donations were under $12 and almost half of them came from people who were donating for the first time. This is truly a movement of people, by the people, and for the people.


In order to generate real change in Washington D.C. regarding big money in politics, there has to be legislators in place pushing for legislation. That is why End Citizens United is getting active in regards to endorsing some of the top available politicians who believe in the need for campaign finance reform. End Citizens United has already endorsed several major candidates including Senator Feingold and Democratic newcomer Jon Ossoff, but things got a little more serious with the endorsement of New Mexico’s own Senator Heinrich.


Senator Heinrich has been vocally against Citizens United throughout his career. He has also garnered major national respect for how he has handled his time on the Senate Intel Committee investigating the Trump and Russia collusion story. Heinrich’s nomination will pay huge dividends in 2018.