Cotemar Growing Success in the Oil Industry Market in Mexico

Cotemar is one of the private oil companies in Mexico that are getting into the renewed energy industry. Pemex was the only operator in the field, but now, it has to get used to other companies including Cotemar as competitors. The private companies opened a gap in the industry and their entrance increase hydrocarbon production in the country. While other new companies are already owning wells, Cotemar will have to settle land conflicts in Veracruz it inherited from Pemex, the previous owner.


This revolution is expected to bring tremendous growth to Mexico as even taxes are projected to increase. It is also expected to reverse the Cantarell exhaustion situation that led to a reduction of oil production by one million barrels per day.


Cotemar history

Cotemar was founded in 1979 as a service company in the energy industry. In that year, the company was offering catering and accommodation and specialized vessels services. It is during that period that it acquired its first specialized dive, maintenance, and personnel transportation vessels.


Cotemar is using a state of the art technology and has a result-oriented staff to provide quality services to clients while complying with international, legal, and regulatory standards. The organization cares about the environment and anyone in the facility is expected to comply with policies on environmental protection and pollution prevention. Other than customers, partners, shareholders, and employees, Cotemar is committed to the society, competitors and clients hence a high code of ethics and conduct is followed.


Employees at Cotemar

Employees at Cotemar are treated as a very special part of the firm. They are given jobs that allow them to develop their potential. Sporting events, equity programs, health educations and industrial safety events are organized for employees and their family. Getting the families involved encourages family integration and a sense of belonging.


Services offered

Since the start of its operation, Cotemar has evolved and broadened its service. The company provides specialized maritime support vessels, used to transport lightweight materials, foodstuffs, and people. Barges boats, firefighting, and towing vessels are also available to offer services when required. These vessels are regularly inspected to ensure the safety of everyone on-board. Cotemar offers catering and accommodation services, which include food preparation, dining services, laundry services and housekeeping of the cabins.


The third main service provided by Cotemar is construction, modernization, maintenance, and engineering. The company prefabricates, install and commission operation for its clients’ processing centers and offshore rigs. The company’s technology and able staff provide modernized and innovative results to customers.