Richard Blair, Texas Based Investments Manager

Wealth Solutions is an Investment Advisory company that provides bespoke and comprehensive financial planning services. The company is based in Austin, Texas.

It serves clients primarily in Texas around Austin, Houston, Marble Falls, Bastrop, Georgetown and New Braunfels. Wealth Solutions’ clientele is comprised of wealthy individuals, families and business owners. Wealth Solutions is registered with all the necessary financial regulators.

Due to the dynamic nature of financial markets Wealth Solutions is a strong believer in adapting its financial strategies to suit the current market conditions. The team at Wealth Solutions always strives to offer clients with solutions that are conservative and can adapt to changes in the market.

This means that Wealth Solutions’ customers get plans that maximize returns during upsides while minimizing exposure to risks in the market.

According to Wealth Minder, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has acknowledged that a majority of its customer base seeks to preserve their wealth both for their retirement and to leave a legacy for their heirs. Therefore, Wealth Solutions has experts who have specialized in creating investment solutions that can achieve a client’s retirement goals.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is the founder and chief executive. He created Wealth Solutions in 1994 with the sole intent of having a positive financial impact on the lives of his clients. Mr. Blair is also a passionate teacher.

He recognizes the positive influence that teaching has on both the student and the teacher. He got this passion from his career as a teacher. He also gives credit to his grandmother, mother and wife who are teachers. He says they helped reinforce the importance of teaching to him.

Mr. Blair combined his desire for teaching with his talent of finance to assist different people with financial planning and investing. Immediately after graduating from the University of Houston in 1993 Mr. Blair got involved in financial services. After a short stint as an analyst he founded Wealth Solutions.

Wealth Solutions is renowned for giving objective and unbiased advice and putting the client’s interests first. Through the years Mr. Blair has gained experience and expertise in the field of retirement planning. He helps clients avoid common pitfalls by giving providing them with effective strategies.

Mr. Blair is a qualified and knowledgeable professional. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Financial Management Services.

He is also a registered investment advisor and he has numerous professional qualifications such as CFS, CES, CAS and RICP. He is also a prominent member of the Austin investment community.