InnovaCare Health Enjoys Talented Leadership From Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health has transformed the managed healthcare sector by coming up with unique solutions that have allowed a big portion of the residents of Puerto Rico to access better healthcare options. The company has invested in the provision of physician practice services and is among the most established across the country. With a new technological infrastructure, InnovaCare Health has been able to provide cheaper options, thereby attracting a huge following.

More than 70 percent of individuals who opt for medical insurance options have chosen to get their options from companies like InnovaCare Health as opposed to insurance companies. One of the benefits they enjoy for choosing such an option is that there are many plans available and the quality of services and products is higher.

To emerge a leader in the market, InnovaCare Health has worked with focused leaders and professionals whose careers reflect dedication and passion for clinical medicine. Since the company hired for executive positions few years ago, it has grown and claimed a prime position in the market.

About Rick Shinto
As one of the forces behind the success InnovaCare Health has recorded, Rick Shinto is confident the company will grow to enter into other markets within the country. He was hired in 2012 to become the CEO of the company and he has inspired change in the short period he has worked at InnovaCare Health.

He is an experienced professional who has worked with other leading providers of healthcare across the country and abroad. Rick Shinto once worked with NAMM California as an executive and before he was appointed to become CEO at InnovaCare Health on on Facebook, he held an executive position at Avetan Inc as their President and CEO.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides offers support to Rick Shinto and works closely with other professionals who consult with her office of the Chief Administrative Officer.

InnovaCare Health
As the primary provider of Medicare Advantage plans across North America, InnovaCare Health has transformed the healthcare industry by providing unique plans that have helped customers from different backgrounds to afford healthcare services. They have integrated their system with new technologies that have streamlined the order management process, something that has minimized the time taken to cater for the needs presented by customers looking for affordable plans.

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