Danilo Diaz Granados Builds the Extravagant Life in Miami


Danilo Diaz Granados is a graduate of Babson College from where he received a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship in 2010. He later proceeded for Masters in Business Administration at the IE Business School. Today Mr. Granados is an advisor of investment and an entrepreneur operating around Miami in Florida. He also serves as a branch coordinator to Equity Investment program at the Fireman Capital Partners from where he is an associate since 2015.


At the Fireman Capital Partners, Mr. Diaz was conducting researches on global issues that affected the equity investments such as hedge funds. On the other side, Mr. Diaz was coordinating analysis of the environment to gather critical information concerning demographic social and innovative factors and of which had a probability of influencing enterprises and gave the. It is from these environmental analyses that equipped Danilo with extensive knowledge on investment, and he became an expert investment advisor to his clients.


Danilo Diaz Granados is currently the manager to Movilway since 2012 and a Co-Founder of Toys for Boys Miami, LLC established in 2013. On 19th July 2016,  Danilo hosted an extraordinary event for the well-to-do guests in Miami. In the event, there were helicopter rides, bottles of Dom Perignon, Sunset boat riding, time at the racetrack and exclusive previews. This event was just one of the many hyper-sensory experiences Mr. Diaz has held since the establishment of the TOYS for BOYS.


In the event, Mr. Diaz Granados aimed to create an extraordinary opportunity in the Guest’s lifetime. He had brought a place where the Miami men would check out for the most fantastic products and venues. The guys at the event received an intimate at one Thousand Museum Sales Center, The Dame Zaha Hadid. The men were shown the highly-anticipated residential house in Miami.

Mr. Danilo Diaz Granados has been working with his business counterparts and companies to mark unforgettable moments in Miami.