Neogama’s Creative Visionary, Alexandre Gama

One of Brazil’s top creative advertising agencies that brings out some of the most artistic methods in media displays is Neogama. Neogama has produced commercials for just about every product line from airlines, to health products, automobiles and financial services. The founder behind Neogama is Alexandre Gama, an artist in his own right and a active member of several competitions. Alexandre Gama has accomplished a lot with Neogama including bringing it to “Agency of the Year” recognition by a well-known newspaper, and also taking home the CaborĂ© award that same year. But Gama’s work didn’t simply start with Neogama.

Alexandre Gama started out in the advertising industry after completing his certification at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. His first two jobs involved copywriting and creative directing. While working for a company named DM9, Gama started taking home prestigious copywriter’s awards. He soon entered executive marketing and directing roles at companies like Young & Rubicam where he later became CEO. Gama managed Young & Rubicam until 1999 when Neogama was founded.

Gama has taken his artistic career beyond the borders of Brazil to the film festivals of Cannes, France. He actually became one of the first Latin American directors to be featured in awards at this festival including winning two Golden Lions in the year 2003. Gama also was selected by a committee to lead the ABAP, a coalition responsible for bringing Brazilian advertising practices to light on the international stage. Gama is also a key investor in UK-based Briggs Automotive.