Lime Crime Allows People To Rethink Beauty

One of the best things about fashion and beauty is that it is always changing. While there are rules when it comes to beauty, a lot of progress is made each era. Often times, the type of change that is considered good has actually been opposed with ridicule and other forms of hostility. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for one who is considered to be very beautiful to be a rule breaker of her time. This can be said for Doe Deere. She is someone who dares to show people that beauty can exist outside of convention. On top of that, she encourages others to explore beauty for themselves as well.


At its core, beauty is more of an art form as opposed to a bunch of rules and criteria that should be followed strictly. Even though people are often set in what they find attractive, one of the best things anyone who is interested can do is take the time to explore their own beauty so that they can find what they think works for them. One of the best things they can do is go outside of convention so that they can find something that works well for them.


Doe Deere is one of the people who live outside of convention. She is outside of convention with her company in that she does more than just advertise her products. She also takes the time to create her products with the type of ingredients that do not destroy the skin. All of her products which include hair dye and other forms of make up are made from natural ingredients. Therefore, they are safe for the skin. However, one of the best features of her make up is that they come in a multitude of colors.


Lime Crime makeup is available at various stores which include department stores. One thing that a lot of women desire is to look very good. A large part of looking good is finding the type of look one is satisfied with. With Lime Crime, women get to experiment and find items that express their individual tastes. When they find what makes them feel good, then they are going to have the confidence they need to get through the day. It is not going to matter what other people say to them as long as they are very confident in their appearance.



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How Craig Dubitsky Made EOS Lip Balms Famous

The Evolution Of Smooth Became A Total World Wide Revolution Practically Overnight. Starting out as a way to give women more options as to which lip balm they would want to buy seeing as everything in the store at the time of its conception was either overly medical smelling products like that of Chapsticks and Blistex and the only other alternative was a lip gloss which in no way is the same thing as lip balm, Craig Dubitsky decided that he wanted to create a change in the way women looked at lip balm as though it was a necessary evil in their daily routines that was used to moisturize their lips which left them feeling a little off put and put out by the weird, pungent clinical smell that came from the products that were at the time decorating the shelves of Walmart and Well.

Designing a pastel ball made ( from soft plastic which was aesthetically pleasing to look at and managed to literally relax the user simply by waking up to something a little prettier instead of a boring tube. Next he decided that it was time to get rid of that awful smell of the typical lip balms of those days by meeting with professionals who could help him design refreshing scents and tastes that would make the wearer feel great and lively for the rest of the day as she would go on to daily activities and obligations.

EOS lip balm having awesome scents like that of Honeysuckle Honeydew and Summer Fruit. Finishing the design with that of a satisfying click that was audible and managed to assure a sense of closure on the most basic and minimal level, Craig Dubitsky assured that his product would soon be destined to take over the world thanks to the inventive and revolutionary lip balm design.

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