Marc Sparks Is An Entrepreneur That Helps Other Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks has founded over 60 companies ranging from auto insurance companies to restaurants. He is currently the head of Timber Creek Capital, LP. where he invests in businesses created by other entrepreneurs following their dreams.

He helps them with everything they need to get their business off the ground including but not limited to office space, capital, customer service expertise, networking, marketing, support staff, and accounting.

As Marc Sparks has learned so much founding his own companies, both the good and the bad, he is able to share his vast store of knowledge with the entrepreneurs he works with.

In 2014 Marc Sparks shared his knowledge with the general public when he wrote his book, They Can’t Eat You. In the book he details how he, someone with just a high school degree and C+ grade average, has found so much success in his career.

In the book he says that if he can successfully start a business anyone can. After sharing his story in the book, he gives readers what he calls “Fifty Sparks” that they can use to map out a course of founding their own companies.

He said the book took him 3 years to write and 11 drafts. He also said that he wrote the story in order to give back and let people know that you don’t have to have the traditional college education or family money in order to found a business and have success.

One of Sparks favorite industries to invest in is telecommunications. He is currently working with Blue Jay Wireless which is a prepaid wireless telecommunications business.

This company’s niche is working with those who don’t have bank accounts and/or have low credit scores. A business he recently successfully sold is Splash Media which provides social media marketing services to other companies in the United States and around the globe.

Another company in his portfolio is Haul Fox which has designed backhaul trucking logistics software.

Marc Sparks has developed a number of interests outside of work. He is a health nut and enjoys activities that take place outdoors. Some of his favorite activities are biking, golf, fishing, working out, and hunting.

He also loves to travel and has been to exotic locales such as Machu Picchu, Easter Island, Morocco, Angkor Wat, Tibet, and other places.