Eucatex Is One Of The World’s Top Building Supply Companies

There’s a lot of positive talk about Brazil once again. Stocks in Latin America’s largest economy are hot right now, and they are getting hotter. Brazilian equities have increased by 15 percent in the first two months of 2017, and traders think it’s just the beginning of a Brazilian stock comeback. The issues that Brazil experienced over the last three years are well known. But there are always bright spots even with all the economic and political gloom and doom. Companies like Eucatex, the Sao Paulo-based building supply company, continue to produce positive numbers in spite of the worst recession in more than 100 years. The reason Eucatex is doing better than most companies is a strong international business and CEO Flavio Maluf. Maluf puts environmental concerns in front of bottom line returns, and that strategy works.

The Flavio Maluf story starts as one of those small family business stories. Maluf blossomed into an international superstar in the building supply business. Maluf’s grandfather was in the sawmill business in Sao Paulo in the 1950s, and he realized he could do something with the excess eucalyptus wood he cut for his customers. He decided to make a eucalyptus wood ceiling tile from the excess wood, and he liked the finished product. By 1954, Granddaddy Maluf was selling wood ceiling tiles like they were free. He decided to open Eucatex based on the success of that one product, and the building supply industry has not been the same since then.

Flavio Maluf wanted to go to the United States and study before he joined the family business. Flavio decided New York was the city for him because of the city’s large Brazilian population. Maluf loved NYU, but he returned to Brazil, and he began working for Eucatex in 1987. In 1997, he became president of the company.

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But he is also a dedicated environmentalist and humanitarian. Flavio puts his employees first, and he is a stickler when it comes to producing quality products.

The Profound Advice of Richard Blair

A recent article featured in Anthony Cioe discusses the positive influence and knowledge of Richard Blair Wealth Solutions. His work at Wealth Solutions addresses how influential he has become in the work he does. This article as well as some information about Richard Blair will provide insight into what he has accomplished.

The article in Anthony Cioe mentions how Richard Blair is focusing on Austin, Texas as a place to wealth management services as well as retirement planning for clients. Blair’s positive attitude demonstrates why he is so valuable, looking to help every client.

According to Crunchbase, in accordance with Richard Blair Wealth Solutions three pillar approach, Blair successfully reaches out to clients financial situations to put them a better position. The article discusses the value of each pillar and what they represent.

What makes Blair so successful at reaching out to clients, as the article candidly points out, is his parents background in teaching. This article overall shows that it is his humble and devout demeanor that helps clients.

Furthermore, Richard Blair’s work history provide insight into his current work and how it relates to the article. After graduating college, Blair became involved in the financial industry in 1993, which would eventually lead him on the path found his own financial institution in 1994, called Wealth Solutions.

According to one site, his goal with Wealth Solutions was to provide an unbiased and objective advice to clients. This vision is part of the reason that his business is so successful.

With the article in Anthony Cioe and other resourceful sites, there is a clearer understanding of Richard Blair’s impact on clients and on the financial industry.

Start WEN-ING When It Comes To Better Haircare Health

Let’s just face it, having beautiful flowing hair is something that everyone is attracted to. For women, hair seems to be the weapon of choice especially in the dating scene. These long flowing locks comes in many different textures, styles, and colors. Unfortunately many people don’t necessarily take care of their hair the correct way. Conditioners and Shampoo are some of the most common products on the market today. These products vary by brands and come in four main structures such as ordinary, leave-in, hold, and pack conditioning. Many of these products are full of harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and other contaminates.

Conditioning your hair too much can create problems such as dryness, itch, heavy build-up, and possibly breakage. Like the old saying goes, “less is more” and that notion rings true to this very day.

Have you ever heard of WEN by Chaz? If you haven’t heard about this eclectic brand then you’re missing out on it’s benefits. WEN by Chaz is a premier brand of natural haircare products. Developed and founded by Chaz Dean, WEN products give you the very best in total haircare thanks to it’s organic ingredients. Chaz Dean is one of the best haircare stylists in the world today and he is the first choice for many of today’s famous people. Dean has the knowledge, expertise, and capabilities for creating an excellence product line and WEN is no exception.

One of WEN’s top sellers is the 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner. This special conditioner is a leave-in treatment that does a great job of detangling the hair. With consistent use your hair will have more moisture and strength without ever stripping it of it’s natural oils. This 5-in-1 Conditioner is the ultimate in haircare as it can actually replace shampoo and standard conditioners thanks to it’s deep cleansing affects. Unlike other brands such as L’Oréal, Pantene, and Head & Shoulders, WEN doesn’t create any lather, which happens to more of a bad thing than being good. Lather may look cool, but it’s actually a chemical reaction of the dangerous ingredients.

The organic cucumber, aloe vera leaf, wild cherry bark, fig, sweet almond oil, panthenol, and glycerin rejuvenates the follicles and scalp. WEN by Chaz is definitely the very best when it comes to cleansing conditioners so throw away those chemically induced products and start “WEN-ing.”