Plumbing Problem Got You Down? Keep Looking On The Sunny Side.

When a plumbing problem strikes, it is never a good time. Water breaks, leaks, backups and more happen regardless of what time it is or what you have planned for the day. What do you do when you experience a plumbing problem? Simple, look towards the sunny side of life and call The Sunny Plumber. You might be wondering who is The Sunny Plumber and we understand. The Sunny Plumber provides the highest level of high quality plumbing services to homes and communities in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

If you need a new hot water heater installed or you need us to unclog a drain, or something else, The Sunny Plumber is always there to put a smile on your face. We place satisfied customers on our list daily and the reason why is simple, we care about you. When we make you a promise, we stand by our word. When you invite one of our top notch professionals into your home you can rest assured that they have been drug tested and passed background checks. Keeping you safe and providing you with a high quality service professional is our top priority.

The Sunny Plumber goes above and beyond the call of duty and that is why so many of our clients become enrolled in The Sunshine Club. Our special club allows us to ensure that your plumbing system continues to work after we installed it. It’s easier and more cost effective to maintain your system and not have to replace it when something goes wrong. Just ask The Sunny Plumber how to join the club.

Another thing that customers love about The Sunny Plumber is our 24/7 on call service. Call when you need us and we will be there for you. We understand that plumbing problems happen at all times of the day and night. When you need a plumber, don’t have a cloudy day, call The Sunny Plumber and look on the bright side.

Sam Tabar, the Financial and Legal Expert

Sam Tabar, a graduate of the Columbia Law School, is a self-made capital strategist. Tabar, who loved rowing and ballroom dancing graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence in the years 2000. He joined the New York Bar Association in 2002 and attained a certification to that effect.

Sam, a proficient bilingual started off as an associate with Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom LLP Associates where he worked for five years starting from 2001.He took time to counsel clients on various issues such hedge fund formation, investment management agreements, among other regulatory and compliance issues.

In 2007, he moved on to Sparx Group PMA, a company that deals with financial advising. His role was that of a business strategist and developer. He specialized in raising capital, negotiating and offering legal counsel to the clients. He grew on the job to become the Managing Director and company head of Business Development.

Five years, he moved on and joined the Bank of America at the Merrill Lynch as the Director.  He similarly held the position of the Head of Capital Strategy in the Asia- Pacific region.

Tabar went back to the legal field after several years in the finance sector when he joined the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He had a one-year stint as a senior associate. He worked on fund formation, monitoring and compliance matters as well as hedge funding.

In 2015, he joined the FullCycle Fund as the director and head of the capital strategy. He has been at the firm to date. He is responsible for capital raising enterprises. He likewise operates the legal function of the company while dealing with the tax issues.

Tabar’s skills as a great manager, strategist and an expert in mergers and acquisitions have helped him move from one great venture to another within a short span of time. He has managed to amass a wealth of other skills in the legal field as well. He is proficient in litigation, corporate law, due diligence as well as civil litigation. It makes him an excellent legal practitioner.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Taking On Amazon

For any clothing brand, it is often difficult to penetrate a very competitive market. Nowadays, it seems that everyone has started some type of niche. Considering that Amazon also covers every kind of clothing, it is hard to imagine that any new company would give a hard time to Amazon. Perhaps, the only thing that comes to mind is innovation.


Luckily, few companies, such as Fabletics, have devised a model of sales, which is difficult to imitate. In only three years, Kate Hudson’s brand, Fabletics has generated revenue of more than $250 Million.


The success of the Fabletics is mainly due to its sales model, which relies on the concept of reverse showroom technique. To understand the sales strategy, it is important to know that Fabletics started as an online subscription based store, which offered exclusive designs at a great value to its members. As the catalog grew, membership also increased because everyone started to associate Fabletics with a brand that sells fashionable sportswear and accessories for women at half the price of its competitors. Every month, Fabletics rolled out new designs and offers that were almost too good to pass away.


The success of the online subscription and catalog model was followed by physical store openings across major cities in the United States. Mostly, these stores are located in prime locations offering easy access to a majority of subscribers. The integration of online and offline methods is an example of reverse showroom technique, which allows customers to try their favorite outfit before buying it. While other stores such as Amazon primarily rely on online sales, the sales strategy used by Fabletics is effective because customers not only get amazing deals using the online subscription method, but they also get to try the outfit.


Once in the store, exceptional customer service and product offerings based on customer preference allows the customer to quickly make a final decision. In fact, the management of Fabletics indicated that anywhere from 25 percent to 50 percent walk-in customers in the store already know what they are looking for because these customers are paid subscribers of the catalog. Interestingly, almost one fourth of first time visitors also get memberships while visiting the store, which allows them to buy clothes at a significant discount.


The integration of online and offline strategy has worked for Fabletics as the brand saw a 35 percent year over year growth. There are in-house media and creative teams, who are actively working on data science and return on investment to showcase the best products at a great price. As for Fabletics, it has plans to open 75 to 100 new stores in the next three to five years.  Already, celebrity brother of Kate Hudson has jumped in to promote men’s wear, which is as attractive as the popular women designs.

The Focus of Williamson County’s Future Transportation Needs



The 19th annual Williamson County Growth Summit, which met in Austin, focused not on the city of Austin itself but on the transportation needs of the the surrounding suburban areas. Representatives from Uber Technologies, RideScout LLC, ArgoDesigns, Texas External Affairs and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority were all members of the panel discussion at the Summit.


The Authority’s mission is to utilize and implement solutions that reduce congestion and provide multiple transportation options that will benefit quality of life for it’s citizens and improve the economic health of the two counties.


Mike Heiligenstein is Executive of the Mobility Authority. Heiligenstein has a Master’s degree in both Government and Business Administration and has 23 years experience as an elected official in Williamson County. His experience revolves around the expansion and improvement of transportation, water and wastewater infrastructure in and around the Austin area.


At the Summit, Heiligenstein agreed that driver-less technologies have the potential to fundamentally change transportation architecture. However, he also believes that these changes are still long ways off from mass adoption and don’t justify ignoring the current transportation needs of a rapidly growing suburban population. He noted that, while Williamson County has done a fantastic job over the last 15 years in improving its infrastructure, even more thought needs to be put into the existing corridors that have yet to be improved. The more people that move into the area, the more important it becomes to be as efficient as possible as new infrastructure projects are worked on and developed.


Also brought up during the discussion were needs to keep building codes and land-use laws flexible to respond to changes that autonomous vehicles present. Charging stations within parking garages, height requirements between floors and maintenance bays were all mentioned as issues that will need addressing as driver-less vehicles become more common.


Uber representative made note of the need for better “first mile” and “last mile” transportation services. That is, getting commuters to from their homes to public transit and from public transit to their places of work. Ride sharing services, like those that Uber offers, could be an ideal solution. Ride sharing could help encourage the mental shift needed for car lovers to adopt mass transit options.

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The Legacy of Marc Sparks

A legacy is what an individual leaves behind after she dies. Though she will eventually fade along with those who knew her, her legacy will outlive them all. Those who are truly great have legacies that last centuries. People know the names of their national heroes because they were great individuals.

Everybody who knew someone like Rosa Parks is gone. All of George Washington’s close friends, family, and the nation of people who adored him are all gone. Yet their legacies outlive them and the people still esteem them. Generations from now, the legacy of the serial entrepreneur Marc Sparks will outlive him.

Everybody Loves A Comeback

He went from being one of the poorest kids in the world to one of the wealthiest men in the world through hard work and determination. People love the story of a comeback.

Marc Sparks is something of a comeback as well. When his teachers in high school saw him, they only saw an average kid whose grades typically stayed in the range of C+ to B-. But today, he is a published author and has started several companies. He is the classical story of a comeback, and that story is what will outlive him.

His Work With The Homeless

Most people just walk by the homeless man. Some may think that they wish they could do something for him, or they may drop a penny in his cup to ease their conscience. But when people are freezing and starving to death on the streets, they need more than spare change. They need someone who will step forward and offer a real hand.

They need someone who has true empathy for them and their situation. Men such as Marc Sparks will be remembered for their love for the homeless. He has always been a devoted contributor to the homeless shelter in Texas known as The Samaritan Inn. Similarly, he contributes to Habitat For Humanity, which builds homes for the poor and the homeless.

When history speaks of a man such as Marc Sparks, it will recall someone who was more than a businessman. Yes, he was a wildly successful entrepreneur, but he was much more.

The Midas Legacy Offers Trustworthy Financial Solutions

If you are seeking trusted resources or advice on financial services or wealth management solutions, consider The Midas Legacy – a top rated organization in the sector.

It’s imperative to follow the right way when it comes to deciding on a wealth management organization or investment decision professionals. Although there are many organizations that provide solutions in the wealth creating, wealth management and investment decisions arenas, you have to try to find a company that has is well known for meeting the needs of customers and members. Most people who are searching for a reliable financial management firm or reliable investment system rely on The Midas Legacy for top-notch assistance in this area.

As a client or member of The Midas Legacy, your investment or financial management decision strategy will be designed by an experienced financial expert who is fully committed to performing thorough research on profitable opportunities.

The Midas Legacy has a large number of clients and members from around the globe. These individuals have built their fortune and attained financial success through dedicated and exceptional planning. The Midas Legacy apply these qualities in the financial solutions and advice they provide their members.

The Midas Legacy offers top notch wealth advisory solutions and guidance and makes sure that client and members receive outstanding service and desired outcome.  Their investment recommendations and financial management advisory are designed to help each and every member to profit significantly. Their professionals have a thorough knowledge of the investment and business fields and use their great expertise to create high quality courses and training programs.

The Midas Legacy’s clients range from individuals who would like to discover the secrets of success and apply them in their own life. Those who desire to start or develop their investment portfolio or business can have access to the resources and guidance they need to accomplish that.

Many of their clients have prospered beyond their expectations after they have used the advice and recommendations rendered by this highly distinguished wealth advisory organization. It is essential for you to learn more about the team at The Midas Legacy how they can help you succeed. Simply go to their website or visit their Facebook, check out the various sections and then contact them.

Brazilians Don’t Know What To Think About Donald Trump’s Victory

Donald Trump hasn’t been sworn in as president yet, but he is already making headlines in Brazil for canceling new talks about business projects in Brazil. Brazil is not the only country Trump is turning his back on. India and Argentina talks have also been canceled. Trump was supposed to build five office buildings in Rio, but the project hit a wall for a number of reasons. Trump’s promise to take a harder look at trade deals is also making Brazilian business executives nervous. But one of those executives, Flavio Maluf, the CEO of building material supplier, Eucatex isn’t worried about a Trump presidency. Eucatex is a leader in Brazil’s export market, and Trump is very familiar with the company, and Flavio Maluf’s incredible story.

In 1951, the sawmill was doing more business than anyone expected. There was a surplus of eucalyptus wood laying around the mill. A new product called wood ceiling tiles was born from the excess eucalyptus wood. The demand for the tiles was overwhelming, so Eucatex was formed to meet the demand. Eucatex made wood ceiling tiles for the local market, but comments about the tiles spread around South America. By the late 1950s, Eucatex was exporting ceiling tiles to other Latin American countries and to Europe.

Flavio Maluf joined the company in 1987 after spending time in the United States. Flavio attended New York University. He studied several American business models while he was living in New York. Flavio was named president of Eucatex in 1997. Maluf has turned Eucatex into one of the world’s premier suppliers of building materials. Eucatex brands are in home improvement stores in the United States and Europe. Eucatex factories still make ceiling tiles, but Flavio expanded the product line over the last 20 years. Today, Eucatex produces floorboards, doors, MDF panels, paint, and other building materials in four Brazilian factories. Maluf environmentally friendly business model has been an example for other Brazilian companies. Flavio is often asked to speak about his company’s clean air initiatives.

Don Ressler Builds A Reputation For Supporting The Growth Of Unique Ideas

In business, those who invest in unique ideas reap more benefits and are more likely to record success on Huffington Post. There are many companies that have emerged successful simply because of coming up with a slightly different idea from the rest in the same market. People sometimes want to try something different so they can also feel different. When you offer them the opportunity to explore new products, you can be sure they will invite more if the products are unique and useful.

Don Ressler understands these facts and it is through his own experiences that he was able to learn about entrepreneurship and what being an entrepreneur entails. Don Ressler launched his career in entrepreneurship through, a company he founded over a decade ago to offer unique fitness products. was a great platform for him to learn about entrepreneurship and the challenges that come with running a business. Although this was his first experience as an entrepreneur, Don Ressler’s effort managed to rank the company well and it proceeded to record success after several years struggling.

After learning and understanding the basic concepts of entrepreneurship on that he was supposed to uphold, he sold in 2001 and the company was acquired by Intermix Media. During this period, he got the chance to interact with Adam Goldenberg, whose passion and dedication matched that of Ressler.

Intelligent Beauty
Three years running Alena Media, they earned millions from advertising and this marked the beginning of a successful partnership. With this success and motivation, they came to a conclusion that they could do better if they sold Alena Media to invest in a bigger idea on Therefore, they approved a deal set between the company and News Corp in 2005 and immediately after handing the company over proceeded to work on their next idea. Three years later, they founded Intelligent Beauty, which stands as a strong company in the beauty market across Europe.

About JustFab
They were forced to go for $33 million funding from Matrix Ventures at the year that followed because the company was huge and needed money to develop its infrastructure. This amount was not enough, so they approached different venture capitals for additional $76, which was approved in 2012 to help the company penetrate into bigger markets like the UK and Germany.