Brad Reifler: 21st Century Michelangelo Man


Professional advice from Brad Reifler has proved to be a precious commodity for many of his successful investment clients. The high-profile media house, Yahoo Finance, put out an article about the celebrated Founder and CEO of the very successful firm, Forefront Capital. No wonder so many smart people who are interested in really learning to become successful investors turn to Brad Reifler.


After the movie, The Money Monster, came out, Reifler did an article for PR Newswire about how very real the movie has proved to be. Brad Reifler is quick to point out most of the Wall Street investment horror stories are happening to people who have never treated the stock market or any other equities as anything other than random gambling. They do not do the homework and due diligence, therefore they utterly fail.


Brad Reifler helps his clients reduce exposure to losses. He teaches them the ins and outs and pitfalls to be aware of. Then he goes the extra mile and further teaches them strategies to turn limitations into positive investment returns. He founded Forefront Capital to serve the investing masses, not the precious 1 percent-er snobs! He has innovated with new ways to help the average Joe to make investments that traditionally are only available to the super rich and mostly-apathetic stratospheric investors. Some of what he is fighting is against outdated and unnecessary government controls that prevent the little investors from benefiting like the giant ones do.


He says to never keep all your investment nest eggs in one basket; one stock or other equities deal. He emphasizes that when you hire people to support your investing transactions, make sure you pick a fund manager that you know you can trust. If you keep your eye on your particular set of goals and other objectives, both for yourself and your company, and you will find successful returns.  Check out some of Brad’s very informative articles on Huffington Post, where he recently became a contributor.