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One of the most important things for any online provider of information is their website. Over the long term, investing in a new and improved website is important for a variety of reasons. Not only that, but you can start to take your life to a new level by doing this with US Money Reserve. This is a company that wants to provide financial help in a variety of areas in your business. They are excited about ready to invest time and money into their customers. There are a lot of great upgrades on their new site. The company is asking its customers to explore the new parts of the site and give feedback on what has been done so far.


US Money Reserve


From the time the company was started, US Money Reserve has always been about helping others. There are a lot of people who are ready and willing to help them in a variety of ways with their work. If you are able to change how you manage your money, this is the way to go. They are ready to help you plan for the future and for the present. There are a lot of people who are struggling in debt and do not have a plan for how to get out. If this describes the current situation that you are in, now is the time to take action. US Money Reserve can help you plan out your future so that you can add value to others in a variety of ways.


Final Thoughts


Overall, the company is looking for ways to serve customers better. Not only are they making investments into their site, but they are also trying to add value to customers in other ways as well. They want to make sure that everyone who wants to learn about their finances can do so. For some, investing is a complicated subject that they have trouble understanding. For others, now is the time to start thinking of ways to add value to their life in the future. US Money Reserve is a great company to work with, and they are always ready and willing to try and make things work for their customers. This is one of the biggest reasons why the company has invested so much time and money into their new site.

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Dick DeVos’s Gifts To Grand Rapids And National Charities Totals Around $139 Million

Dick DeVos has usually been quiet about where his charity funds have gone, but when his wife Betsy DeVos was chosen to be the US Secretary of Education he revealed the longtime secret. The DeVos’s revealed that their lifetime philanthropy totaled somewhere around $139 million. While they have supported many Republican political candidates, the DeVos’s have donated most of their money to social charities including education, healthcare, arts and humanitarian causes. Dick DeVos’s gifts to a Grand Rapids children’s hospital once earned him the Spectrum Health Foundation‘s Art of Giving award.


As advocates of school of choice and donors to several notable private schools, the DeVos’s have primarily supported education through their foundation. The Education Freedom Fund was started in conjunction with Children First America and several other private school non-profit groups to supply scholarships to underprivileged children. Part of the DeVos’s efforts to reform education also included a ballot initiative that would have allowed tax credits and private school vouchers, but it was voted down on. Several years later they started the Great Lakes Education Project and it culminated in starting a charter school of their own known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Another large donation from Dick and Betsy DeVos went to David Rubenstein’s Kennedy Center project in Washington D.C., and its arts center was promptly renamed the Dick & Betsy DeVos Institute for Arts Management.


Dick DeVos started The Windquest Group in 1989 and is currently Chairman there. This company invests in many alternative energy, retail, food service and technology companies based in Michigan. Prior to that Dick worked for Amway Corporation, a direct selling company that his father Richard DeVos Sr. ran for many years. Dick got his bachelor’s degree in business from Northwood University, and after working his way up from a managerial role he became Vice President of Operations which placed him in charge of foreign markets. He left Amway briefly while starting The Windquest Group and serving on the Board of Directors of the Orlando Magic, but he returned as CEO in 1993 and ran the company until 2002.


Dick DeVos has helped bring business and other entertainment and profitable venues into Grand Rapids through his work with the Grand Action Committee. He and Betsy not only contributed to political campaigns but also have run a few of their own. In 2006 Dick DeVos decided to challenge Jennifer Granholm for the governor’s seat and initially it looked like he might have a chance to win, but he failed to live up to expectations in the debates. He did get involved with the Heritage Foundation and the Mackinac Public Policy Center and as a campaign donor to Republican legislators was able to lobby for a right-to-work law in 2012. When he’s not too busy with business and philanthropy, Dick DeVos has raced in the Chicago-Mackinac sailing race and also flies planes.


How Craig Dubitsky Made EOS Lip Balms Famous

The Evolution Of Smooth Became A Total World Wide Revolution Practically Overnight. Starting out as a way to give women more options as to which lip balm they would want to buy seeing as everything in the store at the time of its conception was either overly medical smelling products like that of Chapsticks and Blistex and the only other alternative was a lip gloss which in no way is the same thing as lip balm, Craig Dubitsky decided that he wanted to create a change in the way women looked at lip balm as though it was a necessary evil in their daily routines that was used to moisturize their lips which left them feeling a little off put and put out by the weird, pungent clinical smell that came from the products that were at the time decorating the shelves of Walmart and Well.

Designing a pastel ball made ( from soft plastic which was aesthetically pleasing to look at and managed to literally relax the user simply by waking up to something a little prettier instead of a boring tube. Next he decided that it was time to get rid of that awful smell of the typical lip balms of those days by meeting with professionals who could help him design refreshing scents and tastes that would make the wearer feel great and lively for the rest of the day as she would go on to daily activities and obligations.

EOS lip balm having awesome scents like that of Honeysuckle Honeydew and Summer Fruit. Finishing the design with that of a satisfying click that was audible and managed to assure a sense of closure on the most basic and minimal level, Craig Dubitsky assured that his product would soon be destined to take over the world thanks to the inventive and revolutionary lip balm design.

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Who Can Match The Skills Of Omar Boraie

Omar Boraie is a seventy-three-year-old man who has excelled in both business and real estate. He is a character who has brought great reforms to the real estate industry in New Brunswick, in a report by NJBiz. Today, he is the Founder and President of Boraie Development LLC, a company that also turns out to be very successful.

As a young man, Omar Boraie was saddened by the poor state of housing in New Brunswick, more than three decades ago. For this reason, he became determined to revolutionize the industry within the area. Part of his plan was to purchase derelict buildings, renovate them so as to make them fit for human occupation. It is through his relentless efforts that the Albany Street Plaza Tower One came into existence. Two decades later, the Albany Street Plaza Tower Two came to birth. Taking a look at how things were back in 1972, New Brunswick has transformed from a ghost town and into a center that fosters human settlement coupled with economic productivity.

From the very beginning, Omar Boraie’s vision has been to construct a building, epic in both size and height. The building in mind is none other than the Albany Street Plaza Tower Three, an establishment targeting wealthy tenants. It is not only a skyscraper that serves as a residential hub but also as a major commercial center. Although this development is still underway, it will bring what Omar Boraie had foreseen over forty years ago into reality.

Besides the three Albany buildings, Omar is also the proud owner of The Aspire and Spring Street buildings all found in New Brunswick. Sam’s innovative mind has helped a once abandoned town become the pride of the United States of America. Also, his types of developments have stimulated the growth of other sectors, since human settlements always call for the improvement of infrastructure in an area.

Although Boraie is a stout businessman, he also sees it fit to help other people, especially those that are in dire need of it. Boraie’s transformations into the housing sector of New Brunswick have realized a relative increase in human population over the recent past. As a result, there has also been an increase in demand for social amenities, facilities that are non-existent in New Brunswick. For this reason, Mr. Omar has partnered with Shaquille O’ Neal to see to it that an old movie theater is re-opened to the public.

According to a Yahoo report, the old building is home to twelve mini movie theaters, with a majority of them using the latest technology, there is in big screen viewing today. Opening up of the movie house has helped nurture friendships and livability amongst New Brunswick’s community members. Since Omar is a man who has made a fortune from real estate, he finds it useful to help uplift people from low-income families financially. It is through Elijah’s Promise that people suffering from food shortage, water scarcity, malnutrition, and economic hurdles have been able to thrive.

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Marc Sparks Is An Entrepreneur That Helps Other Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks has founded over 60 companies ranging from auto insurance companies to restaurants. He is currently the head of Timber Creek Capital, LP. where he invests in businesses created by other entrepreneurs following their dreams.

He helps them with everything they need to get their business off the ground including but not limited to office space, capital, customer service expertise, networking, marketing, support staff, and accounting.

As Marc Sparks has learned so much founding his own companies, both the good and the bad, he is able to share his vast store of knowledge with the entrepreneurs he works with.

In 2014 Marc Sparks shared his knowledge with the general public when he wrote his book, They Can’t Eat You. In the book he details how he, someone with just a high school degree and C+ grade average, has found so much success in his career.

In the book he says that if he can successfully start a business anyone can. After sharing his story in the book, he gives readers what he calls “Fifty Sparks” that they can use to map out a course of founding their own companies.

He said the book took him 3 years to write and 11 drafts. He also said that he wrote the story in order to give back and let people know that you don’t have to have the traditional college education or family money in order to found a business and have success.

One of Sparks favorite industries to invest in is telecommunications. He is currently working with Blue Jay Wireless which is a prepaid wireless telecommunications business.

This company’s niche is working with those who don’t have bank accounts and/or have low credit scores. A business he recently successfully sold is Splash Media which provides social media marketing services to other companies in the United States and around the globe.

Another company in his portfolio is Haul Fox which has designed backhaul trucking logistics software.

Marc Sparks has developed a number of interests outside of work. He is a health nut and enjoys activities that take place outdoors. Some of his favorite activities are biking, golf, fishing, working out, and hunting.

He also loves to travel and has been to exotic locales such as Machu Picchu, Easter Island, Morocco, Angkor Wat, Tibet, and other places.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. and it’s Excellent Track Record

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the largest document processing companies in the United States, and it is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. With its 578 employee staff, the company has access to all of the counties and jurisdictions in the United States, making it possible to retrieve almost any property record required.


Eight out of the top ten retail mortgage companies in the U.S. choose Nationwide as their primary source of documents that they have to have each and every day in order to conduct business. In the document business, speed and accuracy are paramount in getting the needed documents to market, and Nationwide has excellent in both of these categories.


Nationwide has a reject rate of .78% and a compliance rate of 99.89%, both very impressive figures. The reject rate shows that nearly 100% of all records searched for are found and the compliance rate shows that nearly 100% of all documents sent are accurate.


The reason for the stellar performance of Nationwide in all areas is due to the excellent employees and their training. People are hired at Nationwide from a pool of people who are more likely to succeed at this particular type of company. They are trained initially upon hire for a three week period in the classroom and then go on the floor with a supervisor monitoring until they master the entire number of tasks at that level.


There are an additional 150 training and educational modules available for additional training which is taken on a volunteer basis by employees. Some of the modules can take several months to complete, and many are used for employee advancement to higher responsibilities.


John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide gave a talk on an industry-wide podcast recently, and he spoke about working conditions in the industry and compliance. While there is a continual checking on compliance and quality, the business itself can be quite stressful on employees. Hillman pointed out that goals and objectives are set and checked as employees progress, and that is a big reason for the high numbers experience by Nationwide.


However, it is also very important for employees to realize that management has their back, and there are systems in place that relieve some of the stress points. For example, if an employee is having a difficult time on any particular task, there are always people that can jump right in and offer assistance. Just knowing this is a great stress relief for employees as they go about their work.

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A New Hospital Sparks Interest On Copa Cabana Beach

On the Copa Cabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, there is a new hospital sitting among all the resorts and restaurants. But this is not just any hospital. It is called the Copa Star, and it is very unique.

It is a luxury hospital. It is luxurious in every way. When a person enters the lobby, the first thing they notice is that there is modern artwork masterpieces by the world renowned artist, Yakuta Toyota. Mr. Toyota’s art pieces can be found throughout the hospital. Then they would notice that in the lobby of this hospital there is a grand piano along with the overstuffed chairs and sofas.

There is a restaurant, not a cafeteria style place where you get standard fare. Here, you get a five star restaurant designed by a world famous chef.

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If you visit a patient’s room, you will notice that it is not just a room. It is a suite of rooms. The patient can, with the use of a supplied Ipad, control the temperature, the lighting, and even the drapes. Using that same Ipad, the patient can call and chat with the hospital staff. The patient can call the nurse on the Ipad, and even hold video conference calls with the doctor. In turn, the doctor can discuss the results of the patient’s tests, and even show the patient the results.

The extravagant hospital is the brain child of the president of D’Or, Jorge Moll. Mr. Moll wanted a grand hospital, one that is both luxurious and equipped with the latest, most up to date eletronic and robotic equipment. The testing areas and machinery are located right with the operating rooms so that the doctors can order and do testing during an operation if the need arises.

The intensive care units are equipped with a large video screen. The patient can change the scenery on the video from the street below, to the corridors in the hospital, and even live video from the beach. This is done to keep the ICU patients in touch with the world around them.

The Hospital Copa Star was designed with energy efficiency in mind. Hospitals use a lot of electricty for their treatment modules and testing equipment. The Copa Star uses only half of what other comparable hospitals would use.

D’Or plans to open more hospitals like the Copa Star, particularly in Sao Paulo and in Brasilia. D’Or operates a number of hospitals in Brazil.

The Copa Star hospital plans to specialize in cardiology and in neurology. We look forward to seeing more hospitals like the luxurious and elegant Copa Star. View more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

Jason Hope The Futurist

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, writer and commentator on the latest technology trends.

He is has written about the Internet of Things at There he mentioned that the Internet of things is the newest thing to hit the technology industry. The Internet of things according to him is related to the internet’s connection to our modern daily lives such as use of home appliances to advanced use of technology in our gadgets connected to us. He is very positive in this idea that it will make a huge difference in the industry.

As a skilled futurist, like how he was described at, he has ideas and insights that is very helpful and brilliant in the technology industry. He has made his way to realizing the future through his ideas and advices that is very useful to the modern world and the future. Jason Hope is a futurist – and the people are learning from him and adopting his predictions, applying it on our modern age and the future.

Jason has a degree in finance from Arizona State University, and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. With his writings, he is also a philanthropist and is very well interested in the business field and politics.

Richard Blair, Texas Based Investments Manager

Wealth Solutions is an Investment Advisory company that provides bespoke and comprehensive financial planning services. The company is based in Austin, Texas.

It serves clients primarily in Texas around Austin, Houston, Marble Falls, Bastrop, Georgetown and New Braunfels. Wealth Solutions’ clientele is comprised of wealthy individuals, families and business owners. Wealth Solutions is registered with all the necessary financial regulators.

Due to the dynamic nature of financial markets Wealth Solutions is a strong believer in adapting its financial strategies to suit the current market conditions. The team at Wealth Solutions always strives to offer clients with solutions that are conservative and can adapt to changes in the market.

This means that Wealth Solutions’ customers get plans that maximize returns during upsides while minimizing exposure to risks in the market.

According to Wealth Minder, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has acknowledged that a majority of its customer base seeks to preserve their wealth both for their retirement and to leave a legacy for their heirs. Therefore, Wealth Solutions has experts who have specialized in creating investment solutions that can achieve a client’s retirement goals.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is the founder and chief executive. He created Wealth Solutions in 1994 with the sole intent of having a positive financial impact on the lives of his clients. Mr. Blair is also a passionate teacher.

He recognizes the positive influence that teaching has on both the student and the teacher. He got this passion from his career as a teacher. He also gives credit to his grandmother, mother and wife who are teachers. He says they helped reinforce the importance of teaching to him.

Mr. Blair combined his desire for teaching with his talent of finance to assist different people with financial planning and investing. Immediately after graduating from the University of Houston in 1993 Mr. Blair got involved in financial services. After a short stint as an analyst he founded Wealth Solutions.

Wealth Solutions is renowned for giving objective and unbiased advice and putting the client’s interests first. Through the years Mr. Blair has gained experience and expertise in the field of retirement planning. He helps clients avoid common pitfalls by giving providing them with effective strategies.

Mr. Blair is a qualified and knowledgeable professional. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Financial Management Services.

He is also a registered investment advisor and he has numerous professional qualifications such as CFS, CES, CAS and RICP. He is also a prominent member of the Austin investment community.


What You Need to Do About Atomic Design Rochester

Atomic Design Rochester and Atomic Design Rochester – The Perfect Combination

If you prefer to be active in Network Marketing, you have to be correctly trained on the best way to be a marketer, not a distributor. Article marketing is quite a superior system to construct links to your website, enhance your site’s search engine ranking and receiving traffic. It is a mythical and unrealistic means of growing an enterprise. For starters, for those who have a small company, you may look at a blog instead of a site. Consider it as the location where the website which represents your business (or any place for this matter) will get ranked. As an example, should you own an insurance provider, don’t use the word insurance policy” as an important keyword.

In case you have a bigger company, you can consider having a blog along with your existing web website. Our local search engine marketing company can assist you greatly enhance your rankings through the broad array of proven search engine optimization tactics. Finding an able Atomic Design Rochester SEO company that may deliver top results might be the real challenge if you don’t fully grasp the three essential elements of search engine optimization which we’ll cover at this time. Whether you’re a startup firm searching to construct your very first site or an established company seeking for a redesign of your present site, we will point you in the direction of a business which can help. Conversely, If an organization has a lot of good reviews online, that is an excellent indication which other small business owners have had a positive experience. Lastly, take a look at the packages available by each of the companies which you could have learned that it’s wise to try one that seems reasonable. There are lots of Atomic Design Rochester SEO companies, Rochester Search Engine advertising consultants, social networking mavens, and internet advertising firms on earth.

Things You Should Know About Atomic Design Rochester

Decide on a name you may trust on the following trip to atomic Design Rochester. It is well-known that everyday consumers are turning to the web to start looking for local services and products. The previous days of utilizing the telephone book or newspaper to locate a neighborhood business are nearing their end. If you know the best place to start, it doesn’t take a lengthy period for you to receive top rankings.  It turned out to be a long time before I could even consider it without the world obtaining a bit blurry. There are no other means to put it. You could also look at some Rochester SEO videos to find out what things to expect before making a choice to employ a firm for your internet marketing.

Things You Should Know About Atomic Design Rochester – LocalStack

Your site will download quickly in a range of platforms and browsers, be simple to navigate and improve your brand. Ranking a website on Google is easy to carry out. Building a good website is valuable to the longevity of your site, but it’s not the significant part. If you prefer to have an excellent prosperous site, SEO plays an extremely critical part. When the website has been setup, DreamCo Design LLC will return in and look after all your search engine optimization requirements and discuss additional advertising when applicable. When you have a website with several pages (e-commerce site, blog), then prices can be adjusted accordingly.

You may always submit your site for an entirely free assessment. Whether your site wants a whole new appearance or desires to be consistent with your present collateral, we createWeb solutions that meet your needs. Folks would watch and then pay a visit to your website. Your site is prepared for the world. No matter which you decide on, I will create you an excellent site that is simple to use.