Corpse Flower Attracts A Horde at Orange Coast College

Hordes of people are expected to come and smell the rare and beautiful Corpse Flower when it blooms later this week. While spectacular when it blooms, the Amorphophallus titanium plant is popularly known as the “corpse flower” because when it blooms it smells like, well, a corpse.

The plant, nicknamed Little Dougie, will be displayed at the Orange Coast College’s administration building for its admirers to come and catch a sniff.

After it blooms, the visitors will be allowed to come anywhere up to 10pm for a glimpse of the rare and unique flower. The school will also be broadcasting the blooming plant via webcam.

Orange College has had Little Dougie since 2006. The plant is still on the small size for a corpse flower specimen, at 5 feet tall and only thirty pounds. Some of the larger ones can grow up to 200 pounds.

It is the second time that the school has owned a corpse flower, and the last one was kept in the greenhouse with fans running for hours when it let off its smell. Little John, as it was known, attracted thousands of visitors. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

The corpse flower smell is caused by pollination. Beetles crawl around inside the plant and move the pollen from the male to the female flowers. In Little Dougie’s case, the school pollinates the flower by hand.

In addition to the smell, the event will showcase the plant’s beautiful magenta flower petals, which unfurl like a lady’s skirt around the plant’s tall fleshy spike.

The first bloom might take place when the plant is ten years old and lasts 24-48 hours, starting typically in the evening. After the first bloom, it blooms every three to five years.

The event is also a fundraiser for the horticultural department at Orange Coast College.

Orange Coast College enrolls around 24,000 undergraduate students, the third highest by population in Orange County.

Its two-year and certificate programs attract those interested in associates degrees as well as transfers to larger four-year universities later on. It was founded in 1947 using land on a deactivated airbase.

How End Citizens United is Remodeling Washington’s Political Scene

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was founded by Tiffany Muller, president and executive director at the PAC, with one goal: to bring about campaign finance reform. Muller and the team at End Citizens United have been focused on driving out the problem of big money in politics for a long time and it seems like they are finally gaining some serious ground in their fight to make this happen. Dark money in politics has been a plague that has slowly been consuming and destroying the American political process yet most people are not even aware that it is a problem.


When Citizens United lobbied the Supreme Court for looser campaign financing restrictions the U.S. government was set on a different path. Now billionaire special interests control most major right wing politicians and some on the left wing as well. Big money has single-handedly taken voice away from the American people. Constituents are no longer respected and instead it is all about the dollar sign. Muller says that Democrats are beyond furious about President Trump and independents are as well. This has caused a rise in support for End Citizens United and that in turn has made it once again possible to fight against big money in politics.


End Citizens United wants to make their name a reality but in order for that to happen there has to be change from the top level and down and that will cost money. Fortunately, End Citizens United has already made more than $4 million of their $35 million goal ahead of the 2018 election cycle. End Citizens United saw a surge in donors in the first quarter of 2017 when nearly 100,000 people gave money to the PAC. Most donations were under $12 and almost half of them came from people who were donating for the first time. This is truly a movement of people, by the people, and for the people.


In order to generate real change in Washington D.C. regarding big money in politics, there has to be legislators in place pushing for legislation. That is why End Citizens United is getting active in regards to endorsing some of the top available politicians who believe in the need for campaign finance reform. End Citizens United has already endorsed several major candidates including Senator Feingold and Democratic newcomer Jon Ossoff, but things got a little more serious with the endorsement of New Mexico’s own Senator Heinrich.


Senator Heinrich has been vocally against Citizens United throughout his career. He has also garnered major national respect for how he has handled his time on the Senate Intel Committee investigating the Trump and Russia collusion story. Heinrich’s nomination will pay huge dividends in 2018.

Emergency Gold Conference Hosted By Former U.S. Mint Director Philip Diehl In Texas

An emergency invitation-only gold conference will be in session the week of July 11, 2017, to discuss the current state of both domestic and international issues affecting the precious metal markets.

Some topics of discussion that U.S. Money Reserve President, Philip Diehl, will be discussing include unsteady world leaders, the debt crisis, cyber attacks, worldwide terrorism, and why owning gold is ideal for all citizens. Diehl’s mission is to ensure all citizens are informed about how worldwide events impact the value of precious metals.

Through the Gold Report, Diehl will be revealing the top reasons he believes that citizens should buy gold and other precious metals. He will be speaking about the wealth insurance that gold provides and how this purchase can protect consumers against volatility in the marketplace. U.S. Money Reserve, also known as America’s Gold Authority, will be educating the masses at this conference that will be held at an undisclosed location in the Austin, Texas area.

Consumers put their trust behind U.S. Money Reserve and Diehl due to his extensive knowledge of precious metals and their markets. Diehl was a former U.S. Mint Director.

He’s considered a very credible source when it comes to understanding precious metals, which is why he has been featured on places like CNN, Forbes, CNBC, and the Washington Post.

Being a former U.S. Mint Director, Diehl has worked with clients all over the globe to provide the best precious metals to help consumers diversify their assets. Based out of Austin, Texas, U.S. Money Reserve has a high-skilled team of coin researchers and numismatic experts that work regularly to secure precious metals worldwide that consumers want to buy for their wealth portfolio. The most popular products are gold and silver coins from the United States. Read more: U.S Money Reserve – Built in Austin

U.S. Money Reserve is currently one of the nation’s largest distributors of government-issued coinage. They specialize in gold, silver, and platinum precious metals. Equipped with a high level of customer service, this company is a market leader with over 400,000 happy clients. When it comes to buying gold, there’s only one name to trust and it’s U.S. Money Reserve.

Logan Stout Steers His New Venture IDLife To New Heights

Logan Stout has achieved an admirable measure of successful business and athletics, gaining important lessons which he shares with people across the world.

Born and raised in Richardson, Texas, Logan Stout is an all-round individual excelling in sports, academics, and business. He graduated from J.J. Pearce H.S., where he sat at the Student Athletic Council. In his junior and senior seasons, Stout was District 9-5a MVP when played for the Pearce Mustang basketball team. He did well in basketball but went on to pursue baseball professionally.

This athletic background has had an impact on him and his business. His most recent venture IDLife focuses on making body supplements that cater for the overall health and wellness. Stout observes that his father encouraged him early in life to eat healthily, a lesson he has carried in his athletic and business life.

Launched in 2014, IDLife, LLC has displayed immense potential, strategically placing itself in the market through deals with pacesetters such as celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom and billionaire Darwin Deason.

IDLife products, such as IDLife Nutrition are natural and derived organically. They are also non-GMO, hormone-free, gluten-free and soy-free, an aim at enhancing the health well-being of consumers.

IDLife founder Logan Stout has been featured prominently in business and sports broadcasts, gracing various magazine covers.He is also a best –selling author, philanthropist and motivational speaker.

His book, “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams” is set on empowering readers and inspiring leaders and those striving to scale the heights of success. Published in 2013, the book has been endorsed by Daymond Jon from ABC’S Shark tank and serial entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran.

Stout strongly advocates for and inspires the youth and has several initiatives that support the younger generation. He is the founder of Youth Athletes Foundation and an active participant in several charitable activities.

In steering forward the IDLIFE brands, Stout will be borrowing heavily from his past experiences in various fields.

Lime Crime Allows People To Rethink Beauty

One of the best things about fashion and beauty is that it is always changing. While there are rules when it comes to beauty, a lot of progress is made each era. Often times, the type of change that is considered good has actually been opposed with ridicule and other forms of hostility. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for one who is considered to be very beautiful to be a rule breaker of her time. This can be said for Doe Deere. She is someone who dares to show people that beauty can exist outside of convention. On top of that, she encourages others to explore beauty for themselves as well.


At its core, beauty is more of an art form as opposed to a bunch of rules and criteria that should be followed strictly. Even though people are often set in what they find attractive, one of the best things anyone who is interested can do is take the time to explore their own beauty so that they can find what they think works for them. One of the best things they can do is go outside of convention so that they can find something that works well for them.


Doe Deere is one of the people who live outside of convention. She is outside of convention with her company in that she does more than just advertise her products. She also takes the time to create her products with the type of ingredients that do not destroy the skin. All of her products which include hair dye and other forms of make up are made from natural ingredients. Therefore, they are safe for the skin. However, one of the best features of her make up is that they come in a multitude of colors.


Lime Crime makeup is available at various stores which include department stores. One thing that a lot of women desire is to look very good. A large part of looking good is finding the type of look one is satisfied with. With Lime Crime, women get to experiment and find items that express their individual tastes. When they find what makes them feel good, then they are going to have the confidence they need to get through the day. It is not going to matter what other people say to them as long as they are very confident in their appearance.



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How Beauty Expert Doe Deere Gets Ready For The Day

Knowing All About CTRMA

Mike Heiligenstein is the driving force behind this firm. It is aimed towards enhancing the quality of life in Central Texas. In fact, he makes sure that the company evolves with the changing landscape of the region. Mike Heiligenstein likes to engage with the communities that CTRMA serves. This way he knows what the community needs and strives to provide the same accordingly. The firm aims to protect the environment that is being shared by all.



The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a completely independent governmental agency. It was created in 2002. Mike Heiligenstein is trying to improvise the transport system in Williamson as well as Travis counties in this way.



The mission of CTRMA is to implement transportation solutions that are innovative as well as multi-modal too. These can help to reduce congestion. Such transportation choices are to be created that can help to enhance the quality of life while being economically viable too.



The CTRMA is overseen by the Board of Directors that comprises of seven members. The Governor is appointing the Chairman. Besides, the Commissioners Courts of the Travis as well as Williamson counties will be appointing three members to this Board.



The Executive Director of CTRMA is Mike Heiligenstein. This firm is making use of private contractors who have specialized expertise in order to provide staff for its projects.



This firm was created as well as operating under the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370. It has been authorized under the state law for implementing several transportation systems. These include roadways besides airports, as well as seaports along with transit services. The CTRMA has been authorized for issuing revenue bonds in order to fund projects. It can also make use of the user fees along with the taxes for funding its operations and for repaying its bonds.



Now CTRMA is working towards creating a modern multi-modal transport network. This is being designed for Central Texas through the implementation of innovative transportation options in order to keep traffic moving.



This is a network of roadway projects that are aimed at providing faster and safer driving times all through Central Texas in order to reconnect communities with businesses as well as families. This way Mike Heiligenstein ensures that CTRMA is providing a choice. Even those who opt for non-toll roads will be able to enjoy an improved commuting experience. This kind of mobility option will be sustainable. It will ensure more time to residents so that they can do all that they want to.


Follow Mike Heiligenstein on twitter @mheiligenstein.




Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Championing the Rights For Voiceless

A large portion of immigrants within the State of Arizona is put away like merchandise in various stockrooms around the state. These stockrooms are claimed and managed by the Department of Homeland Security. The circumstances that exist in these stockrooms are terrible and do not meet essential human needs.

The migrants and unaccompanied kids that are being housed in the distribution centers are confined under different conditions; a standout amongst the most widely witnessed being the challenging evacuation procedures. People from these minorities have no money to file the legitimate procedure and get their cases listened. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

It is tragic that cases are not heard before the related authorities settle on the deportation decision. In many occasions, the immigrants’ cases are typically simple and can be won easily with the appropriate portrayal.

With the present frameworks set up, it has turned out to be progressively necessity for human right champions to develop and help these prisoners in getting their cases listened. One such association picking up quickly is The Florence Project. The group looks to speak to the rests of individuals in minority bunches who get their rights encroached by different authorities in the nation.

Through the association, the immigrant prisoners are trained on their rights and offered a reasonable opportunity to battle the lawful framework through such associations.

The primary point of these platforms is to bring the social services to such individuals in minority bunches under segregation. They also advocate for basic human rights and others conscious conditions in these spots.

One other association that is firmly identified with the Lacey and Larkin Frontera is Border Angels additionally alluded to as ‘Angeles de Frontera’. The non-profit charitable association is situated in San-Diego after being established by Enrique Morones in the year 1986. Much the same as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera support, its key objectives are the transient rights, migration changes and aversion of immigrant deaths along the outskirt.

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is one of the overarching champions in guarding the predicament of the voiceless immigrants within Arizona and even past the fringes.

The services are financed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who additionally who are also the founders and prime supporters of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Their efforts saw the associated people encountering with rights and prompting to getting a tremendous settlement from the region’s office after the judge managed to support them.

With their newly discovered funds, Lacey and Larkin established a platform that would battle for the immigrant rights, advocate for the right to speak freely, bring civic participation and public education. The philanthropic association gets financing from various associations that champion for similar esteems and causes.

Lacey and Larkin are the co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times who have committed their efforts to fund migrant rights associations throughout Arizona. The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund support groups that advocate for human, civil and migrants rights in addition to civic participation and freedom of speech within Arizona.

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Why EOS Blackberry Nectar Stands Out

There are many different companies out there that make lip balm but EOS is my personal favorite due to the lasting impact that their lip balms have when compared to other brands.

The higher quality of EOS Lip Balm is due to their higher quality ingredients such as coconut oil and Shea butter. Further, they tend to taste better due to their lack of artificial ingredients and additives that can warp the flavor of the balm. This has resulted in a loyal group of customers for EOS and rising sales and notoriety for the brand. Check this link for more,

Part of the appeal of EOS goes beyond their higher quality ingredients and extends to their wide array of flavors. Since EOS doesn’t use fake ingredients in their balms they tend to feel better on the lips and don’t leave a residue on your lips. EOS then packages this all in a sphere shaped applicator that provides a thick and luscious layer of lip balm. Read more articles here on

This is true for many different flavors from EOS. Their sweet mint and vanilla mint flavors don’t taste like vapor rub and instead have a fresh mint flavor. Their raspberry pomegranate and strawberry sorbet flavor actually taste like they are supposed to with nuanced and interesting flavor that is differentiated from the other flavors, but provide for interesting blended flavors, shop amazing products here.

The most impressive flavor from EOS, in my opinion, was blackberry nectar. While blackberry is common in supermarkets, you don’t see them often in lip balms as it is challenging to duplicate their flavor effectively. EOS does a marvelous job leaving a strong berry flavor that is tasty like blackberries, but also contain a real depth and subtly of flavor, just like real blackberries do. For me, this was the uniqueness and quality of blackberry nectar stood out, even among EOS’ strong suite of flavors.


NIJC and Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Strategies to Advance Immigrants Rights

Human rights are inalienable and should be prioritized at all times. The National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC), a Heartland Alliance program was established to offer justice and protect the human rights of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. As part of its wider objective, NIJC offers direct legal services to advocates fighting for the rights of the vulnerable communities through impact litigation, policy reform and public education.

The whole process combines individually focused client advocacy with systemic change. The services include; General Immigration Services, Unaccompanied Children Services, Anti Human Trafficking, LGBT Rights and Asylum services.

Most people who apply for general immigration services are eligible youths seeking deferred action and employment authorization; victims of international human trafficking and immigrants applying for permanent residence through family based authorization programs.

The NIJC legal services offered to unaccompanied immigrant children target minors those under 18, who enter the US without parents or guardians. The service aims to find the best options available to ensure legal immigration relief. The asylum seekers who need assistance from NIJC need to be currently living in the US.

Individuals who cannot go back to their country for various reasons, including persecution by government because of their religion, nationality and political views may also qualify. The National Immigrant Justice Center receives a lot of help from pro bono attorneys from leading law practices in the US.

This assistance has made it possible for the justice center to serve thousands of asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants. Statistics indicate that the center serves over 10,000 people annually and has a high success rate of 90%. The National Immigration Justice Center is located in Chicago, Illinois and operates offices in Goshen, Indiana and Washington D.C.

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund was established by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin after they received a settlement of $3.75 million for unlawful arrest on October 18, 2007 by the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The journalists were arrested for exposing the existence of grand jury proceedings seeking reporter’s notes on articles written about Arpaio.

The settlement was made by the US Court of Appeals for the ninth Circuit. The fund supports migrant right organizations and causes throughout Arizona. Lacey and Larkin, the founders of Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media remain committed in their quest to defend the First Amendment Rights. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Through, the journalists have a formidable platform to highlight immigration and human rights issues. In an excerpt published on 21 June, 2017 the site discusses a court decision to reverse access to in-state tuition for Arizona’s DACA dreamers.

This follows a decision by the Arizona Appeals Court to overturn a 2015 declaration that awarded in-state tuition to DACA beneficiaries. Kenton Jones, the presiding judge argued that DACA doesn’t confer legal status to immigrants under the federal laws and added that states have the powers to decide what optional benefits to give DACA dreamers.

The decision has surprised many Dreamers who have benefited and those currently schooling under the program.

Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

George Soros and His Open Society Foundation Combats Repression

In the latest installment of the Open Society Foundation, the topic discussed was the prevalence of cell phone cameras and the recording of interactions between police and those in close proximity to a crime. The large number of recordings made of police incidents, especially those concerning interactions with African Americans have been used to make a case for and against the police. The case discussed by the Open Society Foundation was one that occurred in France and the person who had filmed the incident was subjected by the local police to physical and verbal threats far in excess of what happens in the United States of America. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

The philanthropic endeavor of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation is a worldwide effort to fight for the public’s right to know and to help in the fight against repressive governments. Soros was subjected to the horrors of war when as a Jewish youngster he saw the effects that both the German Army and later the Communist troops had on the people in his native Hungary. Soros escaped to London and began his studies where he came into contact with the writings of Karl Popper. Popper was a man convinced that closed societies lead to the dreadful conditions that have been experienced by Europeans during the Second World War.

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Once George Soros established his fortune by putting his education to use in the financial markets, he began his philanthropy and wrote numerous books and lectured around the world espousing the ideas of Karl Popper. Living in the United States of America, Soros has made himself available to those who wish to see the world evolve into a better planet with the elimination of totalitarian regimes and secret societies that have too large a hand in controlling every country. Learn more about his profile at